ESTATE PLANNING - Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Guardianship, Conservatorships, and Beneficiary Deeds. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Improper or insufficient estate planning can result in unforeseen catastrophic results for you and your family.  After spending several years practicing in the area of complex probate litigation, Nat has seen numerous estates tied up for years in expensive litigation, tax problems and family strife--simply because the decedent did not properly prepare a will or trust.  Nat has customized his consultations and estate planning documents to protect his clients and their families from these and other pitfalls. 

DEBT NEGOTIATION/SETTLEMENT -  Regardless if you have creditors calling you with demands or have been sued for a debt, we can help.  Due to Nat's good reputation with creditor law firms, Nat is very often able to settle debt matters without filing a single pleading.  Put an end to the creditor harassment by calling today!

CREDIT REPAIR -  We communicate with the major credit bureaus disputing negative or incorrectly reported items on your credit report.  Let us help you get your credit score back in good standing!

REAL ESTATE -  Are you considering foreclosure or short sale?  Are you being sued for a mortgage deficiency?  Trouble with your Homeowner's Association?  Often homeowners are unaware or misinformed about their legal options.  Arizona law is highly favorable to homeowners, but it can't help you if you don't know what the law says or how to use it.  Nat has used his knowledge in this area to negotiate and greatly reduced settlements--or getting cases dismissed altogether.